About the Methow

The Methow Valley stretches for fifty miles from the northern Cascade mountains through forest, rivers and sagebrush steppe to the Columbia River. 

Carved from a glacier thousands of years ago, the Methow (pronounced MET-how) Valley offers a rich diversity of wildlife, plants and thriving ecosystems.

During our retreat we will spend time in the alpine ecosystem, the sagebrush steppe and riparian habitats to see a myriad of plants. 

You'll also see dramatic landscapes and lots of wildlife. You are guaranteed to see lots of deer! 

Our first full day of class will start in the town of Twisp where we'll visit the Methow Interpretive Center to learn about the geological history of the valley and learn about the first peoples who lived here.  

Another day will find us walking through the western town of Winthrop to enjoy the spice shop, antique stores and my favorite restaurant which features local foods and cuisines. 

The Methow Valley is part of the Cascade Loop Highway. National Geographic calls this "One of America's grandest, most spectacular drives."

Click here for more information about getting to the Methow Valley. 

Here's some Methow Valley eye candy...

Photo by Mary Kiesau

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