About the Instructors

Your host for the Methow Valley Herbal Intensive is 
Rosalee de la Forȇt. 

Through her own journey from chronic disease Rosalee de la Forȇt was inspired to learn and share wisdom to address the root causes of health problems. Rosalee’s experience integrates thousands of hours of training in Structural Medicine with a passion for the healing powers of nutrient-dense foods and medicinal herbs.  

As a graduate of the East West School of Herbology, Rosalee draws inspiration from Traditional Chinese Medicine and uses tongue and pulse diagnosis as well as patterns-assessment using TCM organ systems. She also has a strong base in western herbalism and uses mostly western herbs in her own practice, with a strong affinity for those found in the North Central Cascades. Rosalee has been privileged to be mentored by some of the best herbalists of our time such as Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Michael Tierra and Paul Bergner.  

Rooted in the Methow Valley, Rosalee conducts herbalism trainings internationally and regionally, and is the author of dozens of articles and many ebooks on herbal healing.

She is Education Director for LearningHerbs.com and  she frequently contributes multimedia herbal education such as videos and webinar presentations and moderates the forums at HerbMentor.com.

Rosalee is a practicing clinical herbalist and has a private herbal consultation practice and provides long-distance consultations for people who want to overcome chronic health problems naturally. 

She and her (French!) husband live off the grid in a small rural community. 

You can visit her popular herbal blog, Methow Valley Herbs here. You can also connect with Rosalee via Facebook and Twitter

Guest Instructors

Xavier de la Forȇt

Xavier will co-lead our field trips in the valley to offer his perspectives on ethno-ecology, sustainability, ethical wildcrafting and edible plants. 

You can read more about Xavier at his blog: Sustainable Living Project. 

Sara Ashford

Photo by Steve Mitchell

Plant alchemist Sara Ashford will be giving a 1/2 day workshop on creating your own flower scarf. 

Tyler McGrath

One of our field trips will include a trip to Ancestree Farms where we'll learn about growing medicinal plants from owner and farmer, Tyler McGrath. 

Tyler is dedicated to providing the highest quality botanical products through sustainable wildcrafting practices and small-scale polyculture farming. Never having worked with any sort of pesticide or synthetic fertilizers, Tyler has gained an appreciation for working with natural biotic systems, and not against them.
He currently sustainably manages just 3.5 acres of land, which harbor well over 50 species of medicinal herbs, shrubs and trees, and a multitude of insects, rodents, birds and, occasionally, hungry deer. 

Visit Ancestree Herbals website here.